Current Research

On August 1st, 2008, Andreas Gerber returned to University of Cologne from his one year Harkness fellowship in health care policy that he spent at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He will continue his previous work on care delivered to children, for instance quality of life for wheelchair dependent children during a rehabilitation program, direct nonmedical and indirect cost for families with children with inborn heart defects, and aspects of neonatal care.

In his new position as head of health economics department at the national institute of quality and efficiency in health care as of August 2009, Andreas Gerber will focus on the development of health economics methods. In his research, he is focussing on patients' preferences and on communicating uncertainty within the efficiency frontier, the health economic approach that the national institue of quality and efficiency in health care had adopted in 2009 in its methods. 

At present, one of his doctoral students is investigating the effect of hippotherapy in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis in a multi-center randomized controlled trial.